ᛟᚢᚱ ᛊᚨᚷᚨ

(Our Saga)

As craftspeople, we re-create the weapons, armor, tools, clothes, (and soon ships!) used by the Viking peoples of Scandinavia and beyond. 

As history nerds, we research the little known techniques of Viking combat, as well as the daily lives of these fierce raiders, traders, explorers, and masters of the sea.

Since (first year) we have shared our work and enthusiasm at fairs and festivals all around the Pacific Northwest.

Participants get to learn to wield a sword (wooden) and shield (also wooden), and take part in re-creating various battle scenarios including static defense (shield wall) and meeting engagements (shield smash!).

So come grab a sword & shield, and join us in the SHIELD WALL!

“Heed my words, all classes of humans, you greater and lesser children of Heimdall. You summoned me, Odin, to tell what I recall of the oldest deeds of gods and humans.”

-Opening passage from the Völuspá

Meet the Staff

Wilhelm Gruner

The Far Traveler,
Sgt. of Barony of Lions gate,
Squire to the late Sir Gerhard Kendall.

Maj. James Franklin

US Army (Ret.)

Skalli Pedersen

Woodworker, Boat Builder, Berserker/ Úlfhéðnar Captain, Skald, Combat Advisor


Shield Maidens Captain

Masha Lepire

Old Norse Consultant

Sven Redbeard

Senior Combat Advisor

Seth Tufteland

Combat Advisor

Alanis of Bungee & Jorunn Nalbinder

Merchant Prince/ Advisor

Shawna Olds

Artificer/ Event Coordinator

“Better is heart than a mighty blade… The brave shall fight and win, though dull their blade may be.”